Spent Convictions WA

At Andrews Legal, we can assist your application for a spent conviction by advising about the types of reference materials that you need to obtain to maximise your chances of obtaining a spent conviction. As experts in spent conviction applications in WA, our lawyers will then make submissions to the court on your behalf as to why the court should grant you a spent conviction.

A spent conviction order will mean that a conviction for a criminal or traffic offence does not appear on your record. If a conviction is spent, for most purposes, you will not need to disclose the conviction to employers, and it is illegal for an employer to discriminate against you on the basis of a conviction that is spent.

A spent conviction application is usually made when the court enters a conviction against you. The judge or magistrate must then decide whether it is appropriate to make a spent conviction order. The court must have regard to whether you’re likely to reoffend, your prior character, the nature of the offence and any evidence that the conviction will have a detrimental impact upon you. The court cannot make a spent conviction order if it imposes a sentence of imprisonment or an intensive supervision order.

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